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  Nataliya Valnytska


 Dr. L. Kasper



Dear Susan,

            First time I heard about girl whose name is Genie in college from my teacher. The story absolutely shocked me. Later I read the article “The civilization of Genie” by Maya Pines and also I saw a movie “Secret of the Wild Child” that gave me more information and imagination about Genie and the people who were working with her. I understood that you, Susan, were the closet person on that time for Genie and knew how to deal with girl like her . However you didn’t have an experience like this before because you were only graduated student. You had helped her improve what she missed during her childhood. But from another side I think you also used this girl to develop your career, and this I think was very impolite toward Genie.

            Genie was 13 years old when she was found in California, a wild child who had been isolated in a small room and had not spoken to by anybody in her family. She was isolated from love, contact and language. She was never taught any social skills; she could only whimper. I feel very sorry for her. When I first saw that beautiful face and very kind but afraid eyes, I understood that she suffered a lot in her life, but would live as all normal children. She didn’t deserve all this. I think that you , Susan, felt the same way as I do, but your career was more important for you than that little child.

            The movie shows Genie’s progress after she was found. A lot of specialists were working with Genie to help her learn even some language that she missed during eleven years of isolation. Everybody tried to do something to improve their careers, to became famous, but not for making Genie life better. However from all those people I choose you Susan, the one who had good impress for Genie and during those four years were the closet person because understood her better than anyone else. According to your book, Susan, you describe how Genie occasionally used her limited language to remember her past and to tell about details that she felt in that time. “ Father hit arm. Big wood. Genie cry”, she said once. Another time when you took her into the city to browse through shops, Genie said “Genie happy”. I think that you did a big influence for her.

            Although Genie never learned language normally, she was able to learn some language. She couldn’t qualify to attend any schools. Later she was transferred to a special school, and then from foster home to foster home. Maybe, if you, Susan, still worked with her and didn’t leave her in the “middle of the road” it may have helped her to be more normal then she is now. You should have kept her and helped her, hugged her, kissed her all the time and she would fell that she is not alone that she needs you. I love children so much and would never leave her alone in that condition. I would wait for that time when Genie will be able to live on her own. Maybe I was very strong to you, but thank you for your time and attention, and I hope that you will think about it, even if it is too late already.