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Nataliya Valnytska

Dr. L. Kasper


Global Warming


Dear Dr. Singer,


Recently, I have read your opinion on global warming and how it causes our atmosphere to change. Today the global warming became one of the most important issues discussed in sciences, politics, school and public. There are a lot of myths and not proved evidence about global warming and the one that I do not agree with is your believe about global warming as a natural phenomenon. You also said that human beings are not able to go back to living without energy. I do agree with you that nowadays it is almost impossible to live without energy but there is another way that we could use it only in less quantity and amount, so our environment wouldnt be polluted as it is today. I would like to bring to your attention couple of good reasons that I think would convince you that global warming is not a natural phenomenon but it is something that was caused by human neglect.


One of the most serious problems that had changed our atmosphere and the environment around us is the pollution from the use of cars and big tracks and contamination from the factories and big corporations. Dr. Singer, if you really believe that global warming is caused by natural occurrences than why do you think so many countries and people in the world experience so many disasters and deadly catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami? Do you really believe it was all caused only by nature, but not by human neglect? Even our history can prove and tell how human negligence and carelessness changed and affected not only the nature and he lives of people but the next generations to come. One the most worldwide catastrophic tragedies that killed hundreds of people and still effects thousands of lives today was the explosion of atomic station in 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine. This explosion released tons of chemicals and radiation into the air. At first the most effected became the people in the city of Chernobyl; the city that today is known as dead zone. Then the radiation rapidly spread to other cities and to other countries and effected many people and their childrens lives. Even today people are born with serious illnesses that couldnt be cured. So, do you really believe that global warming that is occurring today was not caused by radiation, chemical waste and car pollution? It is really hard to believe but it is true.


Another problem that dangerously changes our surroundings is the absence of recycling. Lately I have heard on the television that plastic bottles and cans that are discarded with other garbage wouldnt ever be able to dissolve underground, which means that they would stay there for the years to come and vaporize bad chemicals into the air. There are different solutions that people could use to prevent this problem from happening but the one that would work best is more careful recycling and attention from the people and the government.


There is another solution that I have heard on the TV show about special lamps that would help us save the energy by 68 percent per year, and the money we spend for it. These lamps may cost a little bit extra than the usual ones, but they could save peoples lives in the future. The use of organic materials in our homes that are made from natural resources or recycling glass, wood or plastic can also help us prevent pollution and the global warming and give us and our children a cleaner air to breathe. Planting of trees is also another good step in making our planet more safer and less pollute. If every American would find the time and plant at least two trees, it would really help us to prevent the seriousness of global warming.


Everybody knows that United States is one of the biggest industrial countries in the world, that makes up 25% of the world pollution. Americans use more energy than any other country. We are known for the use of millions of cars, especially big ones, like trucks and hummers that use a lot of fuel. If people would take into their attention the problem of global warming and started to use electric cars or just smaller cars that would limit the use of fuel, the factories wouldnt work as intense as they do today and stop polluting our air.

Dr. Singer you can see how all those facts show us how close we stand to the dangerous situation and what could happen if well do nothing and continue to pollute our air. I am sure that 80% of global warming is happening because of peoples carelessness and neglect. This is only our fault of the situation that we face today. Thank you for your time and attention. Ill hope youll take my opinion seriously and think about peoples part in the global warming.


Nataliya Valnytska