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Nataliya Valnytska



Essay#1, draft#3



†††††††††† The Most Influential Person in My Life

Every person in the world has someone who they look up to, who they admire and want to be like.It is a person who you can trust and feel trusted by.This person could be your friend, your sister or close relative, but for me it is my mother.She is the one who had changed and influenced my life the most.I understood that even your closest friends are not that close to you as your mother is. Thatís why I started to value her help and support as the highest help ever and try to listen to her smart advice all the time.

My mother was born in 1958, in the small city of Ukraine.She was a first child in her family, where everybody loved and cared about her.When she was 18 years old she entered a polytechnic university in Ukraine majoring in engineering.Two years later she got married to my father.After becoming a wife she insisted on studying and finished her education. My older sister was born while she was still in school.I and my younger sister were born when she started working as an engineer.My mother grew up in very educated and intelligent family, thatís why she always tried to look on problems from different sides. Her father was a teacher and her mother was an engineer, like her. Also my mom has a younger sister, who she always supports and tries to help her in everything, because they were raised and taught to solve their problems together.†††

My mother is a very smart and independent woman.Thatís why she always finds the right way to approach her children.She is a great supporter and helps you in different life situations.When I was in high school she always found the time to help me and explained math and science which were very hard for me to understand.She always had the time to go to the every parents meeting for everyone of us. Youíd ask, how about my father?Besides his job, he usually sat down and watched TV.

My mom gives her children the best she could give. She knows when I need help and even her look gives me an answer and good feelings all the time. She is an amazing woman and a very hard working person.As a home attendant, she is also a very good housewife.She loves shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of her three children.

When we left Ukraine and moved to the United States, it was the hardest time for everyone in our family.There was a new country, new people, new rights and traditions, new language.We faced a lot of difficulties and at first we were very upset about this situation. After couple of months, my first decision was to come back to my country, to my friends and return to the life I had before.But my mother tried to explain to me that life here is much better than it is in Ukraine and if we try we could have a good life in America. She tried to give me as much help as she could to adapt easily to a new country and find some friends.She started working very hard (because our father stayed to live in Ukraine) and supported us everyday.

Day-by-day I began to understand that my motherwasright, that we only need some time to adopt to this country and today I am very happy to live here.Later I also found a job and tried to help my mom mature as much as I can. I met new friends who still my best friends to present days.Last year I decided to go to college because the desire to learn English was always my big dream. I am thankful for my motheríshelp because she helped me to pay for my tuition,enterKingsborough college and helpedmy dream to came true.She gave me more than somebody else could give, because she helped me to find a way in my life and she gave me a future.She is the only person who can be my best friend, my advisor and my loving mother in one face.††

I think that to have someone who you can share and tell all about your bad and good news is very important because only this makes our life much easier and more valuable.We always must be thankful for what we have as I am to have someone like my mother. I would never want to see the expression of disappointment on my motherís face if I failed.†††††††††††††††††††